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Exams at TECDA

Here at TECDA, we hold 3 exam sessions a year, with the ISTD, IDTA and LAMDA.

Our IDTA session usually takes place each November, where all children are invited to take exams.

Our ISTD session takes place over 6 days in April and May. These exams are for selected children who attend extra coaching and private lessons.

Our LAMDA session takes place in the Summer term and is open to all drama students and selected singing students.

We understand that not all children want to commit to lots of extra lessons and our IDTA session is perfect for this with simpler, shorter exams in ballet, tap, modern and commercial available. Those who have a desire to train more intensely and take dance more seriously are considered for our ISTD sessions which are more involved exams where in depth knowledge, performance and technique are required. 

For students not wishing to take exams, or for students who attend classes where exams are not available, merit certificates are presented. Everyone will recieve a certificate for their effort and attendance each year.

We hold a prize giving party every Christmas where exam certificates and / or merit certificates are presented. We also give prizes to students who have worked hard and improved throughout the school year.

Please see below our high achievers table for exam results exceeding 90% in ISTD and LAMDA exams:

     Name                     Percentage                     Score                                   Genre           
Elena Scott 99% Distinction Grade 6 Ballet
Lola Stocks 98% Stage 1 Drama
Max Maughan 96% Stage 1 Drama
Elena Scott 95% Grade 6 Modern
Elena Scott 95% Grade 3 Ballet
Hannah Fish 94% Grade 3 Ballet
Carmen Booth 94% Grade 4 Singing
Olivia Taylor 94% Grade 1 Modern
Hannah Carter 94% Grade 1 Singing
Julia Hainsworth 94% Bronze Jazz
Darcy Farrar 93% Grade 3 Ballet 
Angelica Kimberlin 93% Primary Tap
Robbie Saville 93% Grade 3 Singing
Florence Taylor 93% Primary Ballet
Jessica Hirst 93% Grade 6 Tap 
Zoe Cole 93% Grade 1 Tap
Elena Scott 92% Grade 5 Ballet
Connie Chen  92% Grade 2 Ballet 
Jessica Hirst 92% Silver Jazz
Cameron Taylor 92% Intermediate Tap
Cameron Taylor 92% Grade 6 Modern
Lucy Jagger 92% Grade 3 Singing
Shauna Matthewman 92% Inter Foundation Modern
Aimee Sheridan 92% Grade 1 Tap
Holly Dean 92% Grade 1 Tap
Robyn Haigh 92% Grade 2 Modern
Heather Castle 91% Grade 4 Singing
Hannah Fish  91% Grade 5 Modern
Hannah Fish  91% Silver Jazz
Sophie Swinden 91% Grade 2 Tap 
Amelie Ross 91% Grade 2 Modern 
Abigail Baines 91% Grade 4 Tap 
Lucy Steward 91% Grade 5 Modern 
Lola Stocks 91% Grade 1 Tap 
Tilly Chan 91% Primary Tap 
Sophia Lister 91% Primary Tap 
Evie Bewell 91% Grade 1 Tap 
Robyn Haigh 91% Grade 1 Tap
Jessica Hirst 91% Grade 4 Modern
Carmen Booth 91% Grade 1 Singing
Clara Finn 91% Primary Tap
Matilda Finn 91% Primary Tap
Jessica Hirst 91% Grade 2 Modern
Olivia Taylor 91% Primary Ballet
Bethany Fish 91% Grade 1 Modern
Elena Scott 91% Grade 3 Tap
Aimee Sheridan 91% Grade 1 Modern
Holly Dean 91% Grade 2 Modern
Hannah Fish 91% Grade 1 Modern
Ebony Dyson 91% Grade 1 Modern
Isla Hodgson 91% Primary Ballet
Lola Hirst 90% Primary Tap
Elena Scott 90% Intermediate Tap
Abby Rigg 90% Intermediate Tap 
Jessica Hirst 90% Intermediate Tap 
Milly McElveen 90% Silver Jazz
Carmen Booth 90% Grade 5 Modern
Clara Finn 90% Grade 5 Modern
Holly Dean 90% Silver Jazz
Violet Appleyard 90% Grade 1 Modern
Hannah Fish 90% Grade 6 Modern 
Taqana Harrison 90% Drama Intro 2
Robbie Saville 90% Grade 4 Singing
Holly Dean 90% Grade 4 Modern
Isla Hodgson 90% Grade 2 Singing
Lauren Senior 90% Grade 2 Ballet 
Cameron Taylor 90% Grade 5 Tap
Holly Matthewman 90% Grade 6 Modern
Macy Weathers 90% Grade 1 Modern
Jessica Gavaghan 90% Grade 1 Modern
Hannah Fish 90% Grade 3 Tap
Libby Williams 90% Grade 1 Modern
Ella Mae Ainley 90% Stage 1 Drama
Ella Mae Ainley 90% Grade 2 Singing
Caitlin Wood 90% Primary Tap
Hannah Rouse 90% Primary Tap
Zoe Cole 90% Primary Tap
Jayah Wilkinson 90% Primary Tap
Lucy Senior 90% Bronze Jazz
Arissa's exam certificates from 2016